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If you are looking for an accounting solution than Ease accounts is an one stop solution for your Organization right from Managing projects, plots, lands, occupiers, investors and their related book of accounts, EASE Accounts handles everything smoothly. It also tracks your daily business activities, accounting, general book-keeping, accounts receivable, payroll and tracking job costs for each building from accounting books.


Save time on everyday tasks
Supports multiple currency
Get real-time insight into business
Estimate Project Development cost

Share your data Anytime, Anywhere with complete security and authorization

Manage and share your documents from a central repository

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With web based user interface, you can be productive right away as it is very easy to use. Profits provides real estate developers to manage and control multiple projects with ease. It serves both accounting and project needs, with the ability to scale operations using sales management to track customer. It helps your businesses save time in managing your day to day financial tasks, orgainse your system and take it to next level.